Thursday, December 25, 2014

Arc’teryx Running Gear: Darter Jacket & Cyclic Zip Neck

Darter Jacket
Cycle Zip

Two pieces of Arc’teryx gear that should be in your wardrobe for 2015 for review below!

I had the privilege to review two pieces of Fall/Spring 2014-2015 gear that I have come to really enjoy. This review is about 2-3 months past due, but such is the life of a medical student!

Arc'teryx Darter Jacket

I have the Darter Jacket in Mantis Green, and it has become my go-to piece for evening or early morning runs when visibility is an issue.

Overall, it has a trim, athletic fit and provides fantastic wind and drizzle protection. I’ve run in this jacket in both drizzle/moderate rain and a snowstorm, and it’s wicked off the moisture very effectively. It’s not water proof, but it wicks and dries very well.  The front of the jacket has Arc’teryx Kauss fabric, which is responsible for the wind and water protection, while the back panel is Arc’teryx Suncore fabric which is stretchy and keeps me from overheating.

I’m also a huge fan of the back packets!! I am able to fit cash, an ID, and a debit card (in case I’m running errands) in the zip pocket, and it is big enough to fit the iPhone 6, too!

So, what situations do I use this jacket for?

As I mentioned, I will wear it when it is dark out. The jacket is quite reflective. As for weather, I usually only wear it if it’s below about 55 degrees. 55 degrees and windy to about 32 degrees and windy with just a light T-shirt underneath is more than enough to keep me warm on a run without overheating or becoming too cold. I like this minimal approach to running and raelly dislike bulking up with gear on a run. I’ve also worn it in a snowstorm that was about 20 degrees and COLD. I wore a long-sleeve technical long sleeve t-shirt underneath during this run, and was more than warm enough for the 90 minute run. Of course, I’ve worn it in 50 degrees and sunny, too, and have it halfway unzipped.

Overall, this jacket is too versatile to not own. It should take you through winter and spring, and then will be a great piece as we transition back to Fall later in 2015.

I highly recommend the Darter Jacket from Arc’teryx.

Arc’teryx Cycle Zip

Arc’teryx describes the Cycle Zip as a mid-to-heavy weight mid-layer. Like much of Arc’teryx running gear, the Cycle Zip has an athletic fit. So, how would a runner use this piece of kit?

This is a very breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying long sleeve shirt. I use this mainly on runs from about 55 degrees and overcast to about 40 degrees and overcast as a solo piece of gear. As long as it’s not pouring, a light drizzle is fine in this shirt and it’s thick enough to keep me warm with nothing underneath. You might start the run off a bit cold, but about 10 minutes it you’ll experience that Arc’teryx black magic of suddenly keeping you warm. 

I’ve come back from some cooler runs with my body dry but the Cyclze Zip soaked. I’ll hang it on my door, and about an hour later it’s almost completely dry!!

Since I don’t like to do running laundry frequently, it has the added benefit of not retaining that running “stench” for about 3-4 runs. No complaints there.

The coldest I’ve used the Cycle Zip is as a base layer under my Arc’teryx Squamish Hoody on a run that was below 20 degrees with biting wind, and I was nice and toasty throughout the run with the combo of the wind-resistance of the Squamish Hoody and the warmth of the Cycle Zip. It’s a great layering shirt for very cold weather.

If you’re looking for a nice long sleeve T for that 55-40 degree weather, as well as a long sleeve T that layers up nicely underneath a lightweight windbreaker on cold, cold days, you really can’t go wrong with this piece!

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