Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Runners / Running Bloggers Follow!

Chatting with Mike Wardian at the 2014 Boston Marathon Expo!
If you’re interested in the latest running shoes/gear, want new ideas for workouts and diets, and love to just follow all-things running, then I highly recommend you follow the Twitter folks and bloggers below.

Of course, there’s a lot of blogs and twitter accounts to follow, and it’s hard to choose what to write about. So, I decided to write about the people who post the most frequently about running shoes, gear and workouts, and/or who respond to questions and comments the most frequently. I’ll keep updating the list throughout the year as I remember people that I follow and converse with. But for now, Enjoy!

Believe in the Run
I’ll be honest, Thomas and the crew at Believe in the Run have probably the hottest running blog on the web. They consistently post reviews of running shoes and gear before release or just after release. They post no nonsense reviews. You get an idea of what they liked about the gear, what they didn’t like, and a conclusion. No flowery stuff – just straight up what they experienced. The benefit of reading their reviews is that they review so many different types of shoes and gear that they can make comparisons to other shoes and gear, too. Besides that, Thomas and the crew is very accessible and always answer my various shoe and gear related questions.  I’ve followed Thomas for about 3 years now, and we seem to have a similar like in shoes, so I feel perfectly comfortable buying a pair of shoes his blog recommends without hesitation and without trying the shoe on first.  Besides, the BITR folks are just plain cool.

When I first decided to get really serious about my running, I stumbled upon Pete’s blog.  Seriously, if you are interested in running mechanics / form, as well as interest in minimalist shoes, check out Pete’s blog.  He has TONS of shoe reviews, insights into published studies, tid-bits about running injuries and prevention, as well as being on top of upcoming trends in the running world.  Besides that, the dude is just insanely nice and helpful.  I think I’ve tweeted or facebook’ed Pete about tons of running-related questions.  

Steve Speirs / Run Bulldog Run

Steve is also known as the British Bulldog.  ‘Nuff said.  Steve’s an absolutely amazing running.  The dude dominates races from 5k to 100 miles races. In fact, he gained an entry into Western States 100 this year after an astounding performance at the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler. I always get super encouraged about my own running after reading his blog posts and tweets about his training.  Besides that, Steve’s an incredibly nice guy and his wife, Ally, is equally as nice.  I’ve gotten tons of running advice from his posts and tweets, and I mean a ton! Following Steve acquainted me with compression gear, foam rolling / The Stick, Arctic Ease, and tons of shoe suggestions, like the Saucony A5. Both Steve and Ally are also super encouraging people, and it’s always nice to see a comment on Daily Mile, Strava, Facebook or Twitter from them!  Top people!

Caleb Masland and Team Wicked Bonkproof
It’s hard to not be too biased concerning Caleb Masland since he’s been my running coach on and off for the past 2.5 years. He has a big team, and his team gets results, ranging from a top-10 finisher at the Leadville 100 to marathon winners, to a plethora of Boston Qualifiers and beyond. The guy is super nice and has been very accommodating to my student schedule and budget over the years. The private team facebook group has been super useful for posting questions and getting quick answers. I went from about a 9:00min/mi race pace to winning a mile road race and setting a course record while training with Caleb!

Sage Canaday
Sage is one of the fastest ultrarunners out there. The dude use to race for Brooks-Hansons as an elite marathoner before he turned to the ultra world. The reason I follow Sage is because he posts a ton on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about his training, gear, and diet. He currently runs for Hoka One One, amongst other sponsors. Besides that, Sage usually always answers questions people send to him! His YouTube Channel, VO2 Max Productions, has lots of great tips for running. Check him out!

Kilian Jornet and Emilie Forsberg
Kilian is the best mountain runner alive, perhaps ever. If you haven’t heard of Kilian and the Summits of My Life project yet, you’re missing out. The dude dominates every race he enters, and his the king of the Fastest Known Time on mountains around the world. I watch his Summits of My Life videos over and over. Emilie Forsberg, another Salomon athelete and perhaps one of the best female mountain runners in the world, who also happens to be Kilian’s GF, posts a ton of inspirational photos of her expeditions in the mountains!

Michael Wardian
I don’t even know what to say about this guy to describe him adequately – monster, endurance god, humblest guy you’ll ever meet, one of my biggest running inspirations? You get the point. Mike will run back-to-back sub-2:30 marathons on the weekend, and the competitively race a 5k during the week, just to competitively race a 50 miler or 100km race the following weekend. Besides that, he works a fulltime job, has a wife and kids, and somehow manages to run a lot. He currently runs for Hoka One One and UVU Racing, amongst other sponsors. I had a chance to meet Mike at the 2014 Boston Marathon, and the dude took 5-10 minutes out of his day to answer my questions about running on a busy schedule. Who does that?! Love it. He also tweets, instagrams, and Facebook posts a lot.

Kyle Kranz
PR dude for Skora Running, Kyle always posts about his running, diet, workouts, and general thoughts on running. I like his running philosophy, too: run slow when you aren’t running fast! And then run really fast when you run fast! I’ve incorporated some of his suggestions for my own running, and he always responds to questions that I have. He’s also really fast.


Steven Stam
This is just a great guy. A high school running coach, Steven has constantly answered running-related questions that I have even though he’s not my coach (yet?). He coaches a few atheltes and is always looking to coach more people. His athletes have seriously absurd success!! He also responds to people on twitter very frequently. I like this guy; he’s a good guy.

Jonathan Levitt
I’ve followed Jonathan before he started working with Steve Stam. He used to work with EnergyBits and that’s how I know him. I reviewed some EnergyBits in the past (and I’ll have another post soon) curtousy of Jonathan. This guy went from good runner to super fast runner (sub-18 5k in less than year!). He also posts a TON about running and, especially, nutrition. He now works for Inside Tracker, a company that helps you track biomarkers related to performance and health. Jonathan has answered a ton of my nutrition questions!  

Zach Bitter
I’m not sure how Zach runs as much as he does. He’s a teacher and somehow manages to run 5,000+ miles each year. Yeah, that wasn’t a typo. He is a Wisconsinite who holds America’s fastest 100mi (track) and 12hr times, and the dude is like a cheetah at the 50 mile distance running at times that most fast people couldn’t imagine running at for the marathon distance. He posts a lot about his diet (something with optimizing fat, which seems to work for him and a lot of runners) and his running exploits. He currently runs for Altra Running. He has answered a fair amount of my running and nutrition questions in the past.

Ian Sharman
I think Ian Sharman was the first ultra runner I started following on Twitter. I first heard of Ian a few months after he went sub-13 hours for a 100 mile race at Rocky Raccoon thus setting the fastest 100mi trail time on American soil. A Brit who now lives California after a stint in Oregon, Ian runs super fast at every conceivable distance but seems to specialize at the 100 mile distance. He has a coaching service, too, and coaches other elites, such as Ellie Greenwood. Yeah, that Ellie…. Probably one of the best female ultrarunners out there.

iRunFar / Byron Powell
Byron Powell, a former attorney, now runs the famous blog iRunFar. If you are at all interest about mountain/trail/ultra (MUT) running news, updates on races as they are happening, interviews, shoe and gear reviews, etc…. then you go to or follow them on Twitter or Facebok. This is like the New York Times meets Associated Press meets the world of MUT running.


Ian Corless / Talk Ultra
Ian Corless is another amazing dude to follow for all things related to MUT running news, updates on races as they are happening, interviews, shoe and gear reviews, etc…. This is like the BBC meets the world of MUT running ;). He also has an AMAZING podcast called “Talk Ultra” where he, along with co-host Speedgoat Karl Meltzer, interview tons of elite and average Joe runners, chat about past and future races and performances, provide insight into training and nutrition, etc. If you want company on those 2-3 hour long runs, then check out Talk Ultra as each podcast, produced bimonthly, is about 2-3hrs+ long!

Dominic Grossman
Some refer to him as the Unicorn. Dominic runs for New Balance and posts amazing photos on twitter and instagram. He also has a great blog where he writes about training and his running philosophy. A master at the Angel Crest 100miler, Dominic pushes the limits and it’s enjoyable to follow his running.

Matt Flaherty
A super fast dude living in Indiana, Matt runs for Salomon running, amongst other sponsors. This guy posts incredibly, elite times from the 5k to the ultra distance. He’s a shoe geek, and I’ve geekd out on Salomon shoes with him on Twitter in the past. He posts all of his workouts on Strava and his website, and is another source of inspiration for runners! He also boasts a sweet mustache.  

Stefan Albinsson
A teammate on Team Wicked Bonkproof and a fast runner who currently runs for Swedish running company Salming Runing, Stefan is an all-around great dude to follow. He posts his workouts frequently on Strava, and he usually has some great blogposts of reviews of different shoes and gear. I got to meet him for the 2014 Boston Marathon when he stayed at my place, and it was a blast to geek out with him on shoes and go for a morning run. The dude is also connected in the running world. Wonder what I have to do to get him to send me some Salming shoes to review for my blog? ;)


  1. What about Anton Krupicka? You can use his blogg to plan just about any trail run in Colorado! Wonder photos and insights as well into a man exploring his element!

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