Saturday, March 1, 2014

2014 Running Blogs to Follow

It is always difficult to give a full appraisal of the most pertinent blogs to follow on any topic, let alone the diverse topic of running. In reality, my "2014 Running Blogs to Follow" necessarily reflects my own social sphere of influence more than anything else. However, I think that the blogs below represent a fantastic source for those of you that want to get as much information as you can about the running and ultra-racing world, information about current and upcoming running shoes and apparel, and more.

So, without further adieu:

Run Bulldog Run is one of my favorite blogs to follow, and its creator, Steve Speirs, is one of the most phenomenal athletes that I follow on Twitter, Facebook and DailyMile. At 47 years old, Steve recently came in 4th at the 2014 Rocky Raccoon 100 miler against a competitive field and earned himself a Western States 100 entry in the process! Besides boasting incredible PRs at EVERY distance you could possibly think of, Steve is always trying different, shoes, running gear, nutrition, and core exercises that he posts about. All of this information is incredible useful for both novice and professional runners alike, and his race reviews are extremely exciting to read! You can follow Steve at the following links:
Blog: Run Bulldog Run Blog
Twitter: British Bulldog on Twitter
Facebook: Run Bulldog Run on Facebook
Also follow his wife, Ally Speirs, for more gear and running-related information: Ally Speirs on Twitter.

Coach Caleb is the founder and coach of Team Wicked Bonkproof, and the running coach of those here at Vagabond Running Blog. provides fantastic training tips for running and races. Seriously, Coach Caleb has probably answered any running and race-related question you have ever asked, and probably has answered questions you have not even though of. Before your next race (of whatever distance as he has tips on races of all distances!), or training run in the cold or hot weather, or before your next rainy run, check out Coach's website for tips and advice. Also, if you're looking for a running coach to take you to the next level of running, and a coach who will help to fit running around your schedule, check it out! #Teamwickedbonkproof is taking over the world.
Blog: Coach Caleb's Blog - check out "training tips" and "coaching"
Twitter: Coach Caleb on Twitter
Facebook: Team Wicked Bonkproof on Facebook

Believe in the Run is one of my favorite blogs to follow for running shoes and running apparel reviews on the internet. With a team of great runners who are, at heart, running tech geeks, Believe in the Run provides no-frills, honest reviews of a plethora of gear. It's great, too, because it seems like they review new shoes and new gear on a weekly (or more than once per week!) basis. Believe in the Run is also a great source for upcoming, yet-to-be released information on new running products.
Blog: Believe in the Run
Twitter: Believe in the Run Twitter Page
Facebook: Believe in the Run Facebook Page

Runblogger is one of the first running blogs I started to follow back in 2011. Peter Larson, a former Chair of Biology at St. Anselm college, is a true running tech geek. Not only will you get great shoe reviews from a person who has probably reviewed more shoes than anyone on the internet, you'll also get great blogposts on current trends in running shoes, great synopses on current peer-reviewed research related to running, book reviews, etc. Runblogger is, without a doubt, one of the #1 places on the internet to keep up-to-date with everything running related.

Skora Running is one of my favorite running companies, and I log lots of miles in the Skora Form. Kyle Kranz is both the social media coordinator and an athlete for Skora, and he writes most of the blogposts. All of these posts are extremely informative and range from information about running diets to exercise routines and running workouts to latest news from the running world. If you're looking for details concerning very practical running-related questions, then this is a great blog to follow. Also check out their running shoes!
Blog: Skora Running Blog
Facebook: Skora Running on Facebook
Twitter: Skora Running on Twitter
Also follow Kyle Kranz's personal website where he posts more details about his training, diet, and his transition from recreational running to professional running... great stuff!!
Blog: Kyle Kranz Coaching
Twitter: Kyle Kranz on Twitter

Zach Bitter is an athlete for Altra Running, and is one heck of an ultra runner. He recently ran the 6th fattest 50 miler in American history, and the fastest time in 33 years. More recently, he set the American 100mi track record (7min/mi pace!) and the 12 hour world record. His blog is particularly informative concerning race-specific training, loads of information on nutrition, and just great tips overall on running in the cold, hot, etc. I also enjoy his race recaps. If you're interested in the OFM diet, or Optimized Fat Metabolism diet, then you might want to check this out. is your go-to source for mountain, trail, and ultra running (MUT) news. The team at iRunFar, lead by Byron Powell, provide live coverage of most of the most prominent races in the world. Besides up-to-date race information, iRunFar provides tons of useful information and posts from elite athletes within this amazing community, as well as pre-race and post-race reports, athlete interviews, etc. So much great stuff here! It is a must follow.
Blog: iRunFar Blog

Talk Ultra is by far one of the best running podcasts available. With already 50+, 2-3hr+ podcasts produced by none other than Ian Corless himself, Talk Ultra is your go-to running podcast for information pertaining to athlete interviews, race reports, training information, laughs, and every-podcast segments with Hoka One One athletel Speedgoat Karl Meltzer and Smiles and Miles with Salomon athlete Emilie Forsberg. This podcast seriously gets me through all of my weekend long runs, and for that I owe a great debt to Ian Corless's handwork and effort. Finally, like iRunFar, TalkUltra gives you up-to-date live coverage on MUT races around the globe. This website also has great running gear reviews.

That raps up my 2014 Running Blogs to follow. This post is hardly comprehensive list of blogs to follow, and I will update it when I have a bit more time. But for now... I need to do a bit of studying and I need to get in my 15 mile run today despite this abysmally cold weather. Cheers!


  1. Thanks for the mention, Josh. Nice list!

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